What is RupeeInbox.com ?
RupeeInbox.com is your trusted partner in Online Earnings. When you register in RupeeInbox.com, we send you paid emails from our advertisers daily. All you have to do is to login to RupeeInbox.com daily, and check these promotions. The advertisers pay you for checking their promotions. All our advertisers are reputed brands, so you will enjoy the great deals that they offer. So, if you find them interesting, don't forget to register in the promotion. When you register in a promotion, other advertisers notice this, and they send you more number of emails.

What RupeeInbox is Not ?
RupeeInbox is NOT a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme. You will not become a millionare overnight. You have to work at least 10 minutes on this website daily.
RupeeInbox is NOT a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Scheme. You don't need to sell anything to earn from RupeeInbox.com.
You don't need to pay any fees to join RupeeInbox.com. Its absolutely FREE to join. In fact, our advertisers pay you to check their promotions.

How much can I earn from RupeeInbox.com ?
You will earn instantly Rs. 50 just for joining RupeeInbox.com. This is a signup bonus.

You earn Rs. 50 for first two friends who join RupeeInbox. For all other friends after that, you earn Rs. 2.00 per referral. Thats an way to earn unlimited amount.

All our paid emails are priced between Rs. 0.25 to Rs 5.00 as base price. When you register in campaigns your activity score is increased. So, if you register in 70 campaigns out of 100, your activity score is 0.70 or 30%. In that case, you will receive 70% of the base price set by the advertisers. For an email, which has a base payout of Rs 1.00, you will get Rs. 0.70. If you register in more campaigns, your activity score will be increased further and our share will reduce gradually to less than 5% and you will earn 95% amount. By default, for all new members, we gift them 80% or 0.80 activity score. This means that we pay you 80% of ad money.

More the number of promotions you participate in, higher your payout.